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Wireless telecommunication
devices for short and long
range mesh networks
Wayra Networks

There are areas of this site that require the introduction by the visitor, and personal identifying information. This will be processed automatically by capturing files whose owner is Wayra Networks SL ®.

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Visitors will have the right of opposition, access, modification and cancellation respect to all data stored yours exist in the database of Wayra Networks SL ®, and must submit a statement to the attention of Wayra Networks SL ® to the postal address; street Agricultura 138 -140, 4 th 5 th 08019 Barcelona SPAIN, enclosing a photocopy of the identity card holder data.

In the event that there will be a transfer of personal data to third of users will be duly notified to report to stakeholders on the identity of the recipients of the assignment and the purpose for which they are treated their data.

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